Academic Writing In Context Video Widget Case Study


Clare Furneaux, one of our Academic Writing Tutors, identified a need for an online resource to help students with their academic writing development. As part of this, a need was identified for video clips to be used to help convey an authentic student voice. Nicola Taylor, the research assistant on the project, carried out the practical implementation of this idea.


There is always a need to help students improve their academic writing skills. A re-usable, online resource provides a convenient mechanism for self-study, and using a multi-media presentation helps engage a wider range of the target audience.


In this case, the video was uploaded using the simplified video-upload widget developed for Blackboard from the version previously created for the ASSET project.


The simplified video-upload widget was regarded as being sufficiently easy to use that it barely registered as being a new feature or anything to pass comment on.

However, it was noted that due to some changes on the server side of the system during the development of the Academic Writing In Context module (or, more strictly, organisation) in Blackboard, it was also decided to ‘house’ a copy of the video on Youtube. Thus, alongside the institutionally hosted version of the video, there is also a note advising the reader that they can also access the video via YouTube.


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