Project Deliverables

1. Tools and widgets

  • Tagging widget will allow for the alternative mapping of course content by enabling tutors to label course items with associative keywords that link up with one another and provide students different ways of viewing the course
  • Recommender Widget allows access to the underlying usage figures and user profiles to allow recommendations based on history and tags.
  • ASSET Widget allows users to access their own ASSET material and link it to other content in other environments. It will be based on the services produced within the ASSET project. It will be further developed with usability as the highest priority to enable even higher take up of the service.
  • Content widget provides tutors with an item-browser within the VLE which they can use to select choice segments from other resources (e.g. Destinations®) for importing into their course, without having to link out and away from the course..
  • Portfolio Template widget provides students with a clear framework within which to work in their portfolios by automatically creating the pages and templates required when selecting a Portfolio option. The structure of these frameworks would be pre-determined by tutors or others.
  • Portfolio Feedback widget allows tutors or others to comment on specific elements within a student’s portfolio, providing more useful feedback.
  • Export Widget allows access to portfolios and conversion onto a number of different formats.

2. Documentation

  • Technical architectural model
  • Technical documentation of data exchange
  • Training/instructional materials, available online

 3. Case studies

  • Case studies of pilots of tools and widgets covering both technical and pedagogic issues

4. Events

  • ‘Celebration’ of project milestones to maintain interest in the project and build momentum in the institution and sector
  • Workshop / end of project event to disseminate case studies and other pilot work

5. Reports

  • Reports and project documentation as required by JISC.