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Basic LTI – part III

You might have seen the problems I ran into yesterday, trying to set up the java servlet Basic LTI server / test environment, in my previous blog post. I am very happy to be reporting some good news! I’ve just … Continue reading

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Basic LTI – part II (warning geek code ahead)

I’m trying to setup a Basic LTI (bLTI) tool provider server in java. The reason for this is described in this post. I’ve chosen to use the java-servlet implementation at IMS-DEV. This has proven to be a bit more difficult … Continue reading

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Basic LTI – part I

I’ve started investigate the IMS Basic LTI (bLTI) widget possibilities for DEVELOP. Like Wookie, Google Widgets and any other widget framework, bLTI needs  a server, in IMS terms called a Tool Provider, for the Tool Consumer, which in our case … Continue reading

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Destinations as a content widget?

Previous blog posts have discussed the issues surrounding the license issues of using Destinations® for the content widget functionalities, and those issues have been solved for usage inside BB – not for general open widget purposes. I’ve started the technical … Continue reading

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TagAll, IE and Houston We Have A Problem!

I’ve been working on finalising the tag/recommender plugin and we have a serious problem. We determined that we needed a TagAll button, instead of separate buttons for each tag field. I implemented this, but unfortunately the version of the Prototype.js … Continue reading

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Blackboard, Prototype and IE9

I’m in the middle of writing the next iteration of the tagging/recommender plugin. The courses we envisage using this B2 would be quite big with a lot of content, so the initial tagging would involve a lot of items. Unfortunately, at … Continue reading

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As you know – as a regular here – I’m developing several Blackboard (BB) Building Blocks (B2) for the DEVELOP project. In one of them I have list student submitted links to websites and the potentially show a website inside … Continue reading

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The Widget Bash

On the 23th and 24th of March I ventured up to the University of Bolton (UoB) to the JISC/CETIS widget bash. It was a session designed to promote and aid developers to understand the Wookie widget solution. The first day … Continue reading

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Tag and Recommender widget considerations

Within the project proposal of the DEVELOP project two different functionalities / widgets are mentioned, which both are conceptually working with the content of courses within Blackboard (BB), making it easier to navigate and find content for students. Tagging, within … Continue reading

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How to set up Eclipse

I though it would be good to describe how to set up Eclipse to get a development system for the building blocks, as it is extremely annoying not being able to set up a development environment. The steps: Eclipse JavaEE … Continue reading

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