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I am a researcher in the School of Systems Engineering, working in the fields of social media, digital identity and learning. I have previously worked in IT training/education, land survey, civil engineering, IT support, and as a software engineer.

Some reflections on using the Portfolio Feedback Tool

Guy has blogged about the development of the Portfolio Feedback Tool and some of the issues we (mainly he) identified.  The tool itself is not quite at ‘production’ stage, but is usable enough that I decided to use it to … Continue reading

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Summary of recent work

Summary of activity since the last Steering Group meeting: Clarification and further ongoing work on evaluation The evaluation of software created using the Rapid Prototyping development method is necessarily incremental and the acceptance of the tools themselves is a significant … Continue reading

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Introducing… Pat

Following on from Guy’s post bidding farewell to Karsten, it seems only right that I should introduce myself as I join the Develop project team.  It is always a bit strange to be joining a project which is nearing completion, … Continue reading

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