Welcome to the Digitally Ready Project at Reading

This new JISC-funded initiative at the University of Reading aims to enable people within the University community to become Digitally Ready for the future.

Our project will develop a holistic and inclusive approach drawing on both the strong history of successful JISC and general e-learning project delivery and harnessing our expertise, resources and evidence base to:
• Baseline our digital competence, needs and desires using JISC audit tools;
• Develop a strategy for the University of Reading to ensure all members of the University have the digital literacies for their current role and have access to resources to ensure they are Digitally Ready for their future and to better support the University’s aims and objectives;
• Develop change management processes to ensure realisation of the strategy;
• Begin implementation of the strategy;
• Document our methods so that they can be applied to other institutions and lead to further areas of study.

Follow this blog and website (currently under development) to find out how the project is developing.

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