The Growth of Social Media

The Search Engine Journal has an interesting Infographic about the use of social media.

It shows a very steep rise in the use of social networking across all age groups from the middle of last decade (the 2000s) to the current time. With Facebook having 640 million registered users, and 310 million unique user visits per day.

What the graphic doesn’t show is that Facebook itself has changed over that time, it is worth having a look at the Facebook timeline to see the extra functonality that has become available, as well as getting an up to date view of the number of users.

The skill set a Facebook user has will have changed, an earlier adopter would have probably used a college owned PC to access the website, while now many users are using mobile devices that they wouldn’t have dreamt of owning 6 years ago.

About Shirley Williams

Shirley Williams is a National Teaching Fellow and Professor of Learning Technologies at the University of Reading. She is involved in a number of research projects related to learning technologies, communities, social networks, Digital identity and knowledge transfer. She also enjoys reading and cooking.
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