Emerging Practice in a Digital Age: new JISC guide launched at ALT-C

We’re very excited by the publication of a new guide in the well-received JISC Effective Practice series, Emerging Practice in a Digital Age, launched at ALT-C in Leeds last week.

The guide explores ways institutions can respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by the fast-changing world of technology in a climate of changing economic pressures, government policies and cultural shifts. The guide comprises a collection of 10 case studies and explores the themes of

  • working in partnership with students
  • developing students’ employability potential
  • preparing for the future

The guide addresses some key challenges faced by institutions and demonstrates how colleges and universities are working with students and partners to explore how use of mobile technologies, social software and virtual worlds can enhance the learning experience. With an increasing emphasis on learner satisfaction and rising student expectations it has never been more important to nurture innovation and start to explore the benefits that new and emerging technologies can offer.

The guide is available online in PDF, accessible Word and ePub  formats, together with extended versions of the case studies.  These can be read online or downloaded from www.jisc.ac.uk/digiemerge. A limited number of printed copies are available.

Emerging Practice in a Digital Age complements other publications in the same series, in particular the companion guides Effective Practice in a Digital Age and Innovative Practice with e-Learning.

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