Reflections on the JISC Programme meeting, 4 Oct 2011

An interesting and very stimulating meeting yesterday, thank you JISC. A room full of ideas, posters, and plans for digital literacies.

The projects have a lot of common areas of work, especially within the clusters. It was great to meet the other projects within our own cluster (Bath, Exeter, and Oxford Brookes) and our critical friend -Malcolm Ryan. The project at Bath has very similar outcomes to ours – one is employability, and it will certainly be useful to exchange ideas and approaches. As our first task is baselining, we thought that there is scope to look into the institutional audit materials Helen Beetham has developed to see how we can adapt them for our projects.

I was also interested in the Greenwich project (Digital literacies in Transition), which will work with employers, as well as the UCL project (Digital Department) that will focus on the digital literacies of support staff and their changing roles.

It is always great to see how JISC are supporting the projects within the programme, and Jay’s session on evaluation was very informative: it is so important to plan for evaluation at the beginning and define the where, what and how.

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  1. Shirley Williams says:

    Welcome to Malcolm Ryan as our critical friend.

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