Introducing myself – Helen Hathaway


I am a University of Reading Teaching Fellow, the Information Skills Co-ordinator within the Library and a member of the HEA.

I was a founder member (1998) of the Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) Advisory Committee on Information Literacy – now the Working Group on Information literacy (WGIL) – and was active in the drawing up the original SCONUL position paper on Information Literacy including the 7 Pillars model which is underpinned by IT competence and now revised.

Unsurprisingly therefore I am keen that this project should help to equip students and staff not only to find the digital information they need to succeed in academic work and employment, but to equip them for life with the ability to interrogate information resources effectively, evaluate what they find and handle information appropriately. My role is to chip in with the way that Library information resources and systems can contribute to these skills, but also to help to support Library staff in particular – though not exclusively – in developing their own digital literacy so that they too can support our University community.

Helen Hathaway showing students some digital resources

Me showing students some digital resources

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