‘The good, the bad and the ugly’, letters to Santa and digital literacies

We have been working on the baseline report for the last couple of months and today we held a (festive!) workshop with 20 people representing students, lecturers, support and professional staff.

Participants worked in groups and with great enthusiasm on a number of topics, wrote a letter to Santa with their wishes for Developing Digital Literacies at the University, and told us what digital literacies mean to them (Digitally ReadyPT_Agenda191211).

The purpose of the workshop was to gather the views from the various stakeholders which will feed in the baselining exercise. We will be posting more on this!

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2 Responses to ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’, letters to Santa and digital literacies

  1. Helen says:

    This was a really interesting workshop from a participant point of view, especially so because we had representation from the student body. A couple of those students were in our ‘team’ and I we took the opportunity to ask them lots of questions while we had them there. More student involvement in the future would definitely be a good thing.

    My general feeling is that – as a University – we’re not doing too badly, though there’s lots of room to improve how we communicate digital knowledge within the organisation, especially to our student body … in a meaningful and engaging way.

  2. Doug Belshaw says:

    I love the ‘Letters to Santa’ – what a creative and festive idea! 🙂

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