Letters to Santa: Risk taking and innovation

Dear Santa, Less risk aversion, and opportunity to test new technology

Dear Santa, Less risk aversion, and opportunity to test new technology

Thank you for your marvellous letter.  Santa says that he would love to help, and help improve the approach to risk taking and innovation.  It is particularly lovely that you combines this wish with one to help reduce risk by providing more comprehensive testing opportunities for new initiatives!

He also asked me to say that in his opinion, you have hit on a major point which affects many aspects of life, especially in connection with ‘the digital’.  Employers, in general, should probably trust their staff to be able to do their jobs, and not over-rule them on the basis of fear alone.  And reputation is all about trust – institutions want (and need) people to trust them, and one step towards that is allowing staff to be trusted.  I think it was Einstein who said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Here at Santa Industries, we like the idea of ‘learning organisations’ – hopefully after the Christmas rush, Santa or one of his helpers will be able to expand on that a bit more, and explain how moving towards being a learning organisation can help upskill staff, students and stakeholders, and provide support for appropriate risk taking.


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I am a researcher in the School of Systems Engineering, working in the fields of social media, digital identity and learning. I have previously worked in IT training/education, land survey, civil engineering, IT support, and as a software engineer.
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  1. That was an amazing letter to Santa. As an IT Support London, it is truly right to test a product to check if it is reliable enough as well as capable to handle the task it is assigned to. This might be one of the problems universities encounter because instead of upraising the technological advancement in their institution, what happens is that technologies are abandoned and not given importance. Hopefully this will be given an action.

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