Letters to Santa: Context aware systems, and info-overload management tools

Context aware systems

context aware systems

Hi – Santa says thank you so much for using his more formal mode of address!

Something the elves here have thought about occasionally is a system like a spam filter, but used for sorting incoming missives in to the right piles (or ‘folders’ as I believe some people like to call them).  It certainly used to be the promise of increased levels of technology, that we would have less of the mundane to deal with, and perhaps it is about time we reminded the computer goblins that that is really what they are meant to be there for.

A context aware system would be a lovely idea, although some people worry about their privacy and would want to be sure that it wasn’t gathering data about them and which services they visited.  The techno-faeries tell me that there are some technical concerns, but that it is probably worth discussing the legal and ethical aspects with the IMPS first to see whether it is a project we could try to promote.

Hope you have a happy Christmas, and that you don’t have so many roles to juggle when you are on a break!


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