Try something new today…

Yesterday I was at a SNOW meeting.  That’s Social Networking and Other Web2.0 Technologies group, for those who haven’t run across the (semi) acronym before.  It is a good opportunity to find out more about the range of engagement with these technologies across the institution, although it is evident that there are very few academics involved with the group.

This post isn’t a report on the meeting, more of a quick note to highlight the marvellous “Try something new” activity instigated by Richard Sandford (our Student Communications and Web Support Officer, who chairs the group).  He challenged people in the meeting to try a technology that is new-to-them and report back on their experience of it.  The opportunity to experiment, to assess and share the results is, I think, a key element in maintaining a flexible and digitally literate community.  I look forward to seeing the reports (and must try something new myself… )

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I am a researcher in the School of Systems Engineering, working in the fields of social media, digital identity and learning. I have previously worked in IT training/education, land survey, civil engineering, IT support, and as a software engineer.
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  1. I love that idea – can we get the reports of what people try posted here?

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