BBC Computer Literacy 2012 – one to keep an eye on

The BBC are, once again, championing greater computer literacy ( This is not quite the same as digital literacy, of course, but it does form one (advanced) part of it. If you want to learn to write computer programs, this may be a good place to start.

According to the site, support materials will “help learners to develop servers, web applications, mobile applications and programming kit (circuit boards, to make a Digital Camera for example).” so it won’t just be limited to programming – which makes it particularly exciting for those people who have the interest, time and inclination to do a bit of tinkering.

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I am a researcher in the School of Systems Engineering, working in the fields of social media, digital identity and learning. I have previously worked in IT training/education, land survey, civil engineering, IT support, and as a software engineer.
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