What can social media do for me?

Thanks to CSTD and DDT for organising a session on use of social media, with a focus on Research Staff (although appropriate to others, as well).  The session was two and a half hours, including lunch, with presentations from Justin Hutchence (on using social media for career management), Emma Gillaspy (from VITAE) on the state of social media in research in HE, Emily Goodhand (from IMPS) on using LinkedIn (and Twitter) for building a network and career management, and me (Pat) on my use of social media for research related activities. 

The session was well attended (not enough seating around the table!) and Justin is going to write a  blog post on the session as a whole.  I thought it would be useful to put up some links to material which is related.

VITAE ran an event called Digital Researcher 2012 , which has some great resources.  Emma’s presentation about Identification of Knowledge gives a good grounding on why social media represent a set of tools you should consider using as part of your research process:

I do suggest checking out the other presentations too, as well as checking out Emma’s slideshare site, which includes presentations on managing RSS feeds using iGoogle, using VITAE’s Researcher Development Framework and many others (currently 21 presentations shared here).

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I am a researcher in the School of Systems Engineering, working in the fields of social media, digital identity and learning. I have previously worked in IT training/education, land survey, civil engineering, IT support, and as a software engineer.
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