Chelsea Flower Show is Digitally Ready!

Alan Titchmarsh and Rachel De Thame may spend their time admiring the large and expensive show gardens around the grand marquee but to the digitally ready enthusiast surely the most photo worthy item in the show is the 2 metre high QR code made from sheet metal cut to show dark hedging behind that  surrounds the educational exhibits.

Turning Towns and Cities Green

Turning Towns and Cities Green – the hedge surrounding the education exhibits in the grand marquee at Chelsea 2012

The QR code given is a real one that directs the user to the RHS web page describing the theme of these exhibits.

Turning towns and cities green - a 2m high QR code

Turning towns and cities green – a 2m high QR code made of steel

The Reading University stand this year was in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society and showcased the active collaborative research betwwen the two institutions on the impact of climate change on gardens and green spaces in the UK.

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