A must for Bank Holiday reading

I am happy to announce that after some delay between this book being advertised (I placed an order back at the beginning of December) it has finally been published and is now in the University of Reading Library. It is of course The digital scholar : how technology is transforming scholarly practice by Martin Weller. Who will get there first? Should I give the call number here or will you have to look it up on the catalogue? As you are all of course digital scholars I will assume you can all find it in a flash.

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  1. You can also read the book – or a sample online at http://www.bloomsburyacademic.com/view/DigitalScholar_9781849666275/book-ba-9781849666275.xml

    I invested in my own ebook version and have found good reason to cite it on a number of occasions.

  2. patparslow says:

    I helped one of our UROP students find the book today. Finding it in Unicorn was easy (obviously?!), but the challenge was finding the relevant shelf in the library. If I recall correctly, the 001 shelf is neatly nestled between 599 and 600 (or thereabouts) which makes physically locating it rather trickier than it ‘needs’ to be.

    • Helen Hathaway says:

      I agree – the 001- 099 books are shelved before the 500’s and may be tricky to find. The logic is that many of the books in this sequence are about computing science and therefore sit comfortably with other science and technology books on the 2nd Floor. The layout was decided in times now shrouded in the mists of antiquity, but we are now making big strides in reducing the anomolies – only this week all the 650 books which were up on the 4th floor (because many of them are about management not science) have been moved and now sit in the right place numerically. I bet we will have some confused returning management students though. Over the past year we have also rationalised the sequences of 700 numbers and integrated the law books and journals with the rest of the 300 sequences on the 4th Floor – all this as well as assimilating much of the Bulmershe collection following the closure of that site library. So of course it is work in progress, but our aim is to have one logical sequence eventually. Of course all this costs money – more than you might imagine and we are also working around the phased rewiring – which is why we have friendly staff at Information desks, floor plans (www.reading.ac.uk/library/using/lib-floorplans.aspx) and a news blog (http://blogs.reading.ac.uk/librarynews/) keeping readers up to date. I would say to anyone having any trouble locating an item – have a go but if you don’t easily find what you looking for then ask any member of staff for guidance.

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