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We all have lots of digital stuff, be it photos, music, books or software. The University is good at backing up and generally looking after such stuff on centrally owned machines, but what do we do about the electronic stuff we have on our own machines?

At home we regularly back up the PC, but I know I am more lax about photos, particularly those on my phone, which I tend to leave until I run out of space when I do a wholesale delete later realising I’ve erased something I meant to keep.

So what is the point of this post? Well actually it is a request for help. Colleagues at Meiji University, Tokyo are doing a study “An East Asian perspective on the developing ethical and social values of digital object usage” – referred to as DESVALDO – we wanted to add a western perspective and so their survey is available in English at if you can spare ten minutes to complete this it will help us, it will also help you realize just how much digital stuff you have.

Sample from photos not deleted


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Shirley Williams is a National Teaching Fellow and Professor of Learning Technologies at the University of Reading. She is involved in a number of research projects related to learning technologies, communities, social networks, Digital identity and knowledge transfer. She also enjoys reading and cooking.
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