Digital Heroes: Building a digital community

The Digitally Ready team at Reading is proud to celebrate the University’s Digital Heroes – those who have put themselves at the forefront of digital developments, embracing the new possibilities that technology offers, to achieve more in our work here at Reading.

Meet inspiring colleagues such as Emily Goodhand, the University’s Copyright Compliance Officer, who has revolutionised her career as @Copyrightgirl through Twitter; or Gerry Leonidas, Programme Director of the MA in Typeface Design, who uses online tools such as Tumblr and Facebook to build a sense a community and foster discussion and collaboration among those interested in typeface design worldwide.

Over the next year, we will be introducing you to more of our Digital Heroes. Up next: Dr Matthew Nicholls, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Classics, who has been combining ancient evidence with 21st-century techniques to create a huge, detailed reconstruction of the city of Rome as it appeared around AD 315.

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