Placement Showcase: Harriet Taylor

SEED placement student Harriet Taylor

I have been asking some of my fellow placement students to share their experiences and talk about what impact their work has had on the projects they’ve been working on.

Harriet Taylor, a third-year History student, has spent 10 weeks interning in the Knowledge Transfer Centre. She has recently finished her SEED placement but has been asked to return to the office for a half day each week to develop their marketing and advertising strategy.“My internship was with the Knowledge Transfer Centre who runs the Reading branch of the national Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme. Primarily my role was to come up with marketing and advertising strategy aimed at Reading students and graduates to attract them to the scheme.”

“The first tangible thing I saw from my internship was my overhaul of the noticeboards. Used to convey details about the partnerships and advertise jobs, the boards were dull and not overly informative. Whilst there was a lot of text the message managed to get lost and due to the use of overtly technical language it was confusing to many people. Using Microsoft Publisher I redesigned the boards so all the right information was there in a colourful and eye-catching format. It was great to be able to see the work I had done to promote Knowledge Transfer Partnerships but what was even better was hearing that a colleague had witnessed someone stopping and reading my redesigned board, a rare sight beforehand!”

Harriet and her redesigned notice boards

“My internship has been an amazing experience, so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Being able to see the end product of the work I have done is great feeling. Thanks to my internship my confidence and belief in my own abilities has grown enormously.”

About Rachel Glover

I am a University of Reading student soon to be starting my third year. I am studying BA Politics and International Relations. Throughout the summer and the autumn term I am working in the Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning as part of the Digitally Ready team. I have been looking at the digital literacies of students and how these skills are related to student employability.
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