Hatchpath revisited

An email this week from Hatchpath telling me that around 10% of our UG stduents had signed up for it led me to look at some of the large part 1 modules in Biological Sciences to check the usage.

BI1BA1 – The Living Cell – 370 registered for the module – 2 are signed up for Hatchpath group.

BI1EC12 – Exploiters and Exploited – 119 registered for the module – 1 signed up for Hatchpath group.

BI1EG1 – Plant Diversity, Structure and Utilisation – 100 registered for the module – 1 signed up for Hatchpath group.

One stduent has signed up for all three modules so there appear to be two stduents signed up over the three in total.

What does this tell me?  I could take this to mean our students are not technologically savvy but I could equally suggest this means our students already have their own networking systems in place or find Blackboard perfectly sufficient.  Talking to some of our first year students the reaction seems to be that they don’t feel a need for this tool at this time.  They can network with Facebook, can get files from Blackboard and can even talk to each other in the real, not virtual, world.  My next quest is to track down the two Biological Sciences users of Hatchpath to ask what they hope to gain from it and whther I should be promoting it to others.

Given that less than 1% of first year biologists from this sample are using the system I can only assume that in other disciplines the take up is much higher.  Do please let me know if your subject area students are using the system, and whther they gain from it.


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  1. I can no longer find the Hatchpath domainn – has this come and gone during the life of the Digitally Ready project?

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