Interactive sculptures: Squishy circuits

Nick intro to Interactive Sculpture Squishy Circuits

Digitally Ready is supporting Sensory Objects, a three-year AHRC-funded research project which explores the potential of newly developed easy-to-use electronics in making the experience of members of the user-group more vital and meaningful when accessing heritage sites. The project consists of a series of workshops that are fundamentally experimental and exploratory in character.

Funding from Digitally Ready’s small project scheme enables us to share some of our research with students from the Department of Art here at Reading, by giving them a series of practical hands-on workshops as an introduction to interactive and digitally-enhanced sculpture/installation.

The images above are from our first interactive sculpture workshop. The aim of the workshops is to introduce art students to the potential of using interactive technologies in sculpture and installation, and to enhance artworks and installations with the potential to make them responsive to people or the environment.

Through a series of hands-on workshops led by Nic Hollinworth (School of Systems Engineering) and Kate Allen (Department of Art), we introduce students to simple electronics using ‘squishy circuits’ to activate light, sounds or movement. Follow the workshop progress on our blog, Introduction to Interactive Sculpture.

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