Digital Literacy: A Tool For Professional Development

During the course of my undergraduate research project, I undertook in the writing and development of many online blog entries, which were aimed at engaging readers with bird species and other scientific information (Blog entries found here: Over the course of my third year, the development of these blogs were fantastic in developing my online communication skills and the knowledge of how best to transfer information to readers of blogs and the general public, regardless of educational background.

These skills are vitally important for many companies which require good customer service and good customer communications in order to develop new ideas and promote both new products and services. My undergraduate research project focused on the effectiveness of different online language styles in transferring information to blog readers, and this knowledge will be crucial for me in the future, as knowing how to best communicate and talk to customers or members of the public is vital for any business.

Furthermore, I have gained fantastic knowledge in both online copyright laws and the concept of digital personalities throughout the blogs you post online. Again, these skills gained are important for both community engagement and organisations, as well as driving interest in things you feel passionate about!



About Thomas Whitlock

I'm a third student at the University of Reading, currently studied for a degree in Zoology. I have a wide interest in biodiversity, most notably British wildlife. I have an especial interest in British mammals and birds. I hope to become a wildlife cameraman or photographer after I graduate, and I feel that blogging will be a key component of any future job in Zoology. This is my first blog, so please be kind!
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  1. Tom was the most prolific of the bloggers working with me this year. He managed to produce each blog in two different styles to allow him to gain feedback on which people preferred and generated 68 blogs during his project including a range of woodland birds and species lists for local woodlands.

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