UROP – Investigating Student Communications and the Transition into Higher Education

Hello, I’m Jodie, a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Placement) intern evaluating how effectively the University of Reading communicates with new students during the ‘transition period’ into Higher Education.

Working alongside Sophie Harrison, who is undertaking a Reading Internship Scheme Project, I have spent the first 3 weeks of the placement conducting a communications audit. Under the supervision of Richard Sandford, I have been delving into the communication strategies adopted by different Departments across the University. I am particularly interested in the use of paper-based vs. digital communication channels during the ‘transition period’, including the use of social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, after collecting pages of notes from countless meetings, work is finally underway!

During the whirlwind of Freshers’ week, a survey will be conducted with new students at the University. Focus groups will also be held during this time to gather in-depth student feedback. What communication strategies are in place at the University? …Are they effective? Hopefully, the feedback we receive from our students will guide future transitions communications strategies at the University of Reading.

So, let’s wait and see what our students have to say…

I will keep you updated as the research project progresses!

Feel free to contact me with any comments or queries related to the project.

Jodie Hitch

Email: j.hitch@student.reading.ac.uk

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