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What can social media do for me?

Thanks to CSTD and DDT for organising a session on use of social media, with a focus on Research Staff (although appropriate to others, as well).  The session was two and a half hours, including lunch, with presentations from Justin … Continue reading

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Behaving Online

There is lots of advice available on how to behave online, some of it very sensible and some of it belonging to the 19th century. The University has produced two guides on Being Online one for students and one for … Continue reading

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The Digital Human

The advantage of bank holidays is the chance to hear weekday Radio4 from time to time.  This afternoon at 4.30pm I happened to hear The Digital Human. This is week two of a series of six programmes investigating the impact … Continue reading

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In a meeting last week I mentioned how much I liked Skype, a couple of comments from other showed not everyone understood how it worked: “I can’t be bothered with all that typing” “What about when I have a bad … Continue reading

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The Open Researcher – a case study (not at UoR)

Jennifer Jones is a busy PhD student, journalist and researcher working for institutions in the Midlands and the west of Scotland. She shares her experiences, learning and findings online, and maintains a massively busy schedule. JISC inform has an article … Continue reading

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Are you digitally ready for a Snickers bar?

University students have long been targets for advertising of products and events through leafleting campaigns and through email spamming.  During my tenure as a hall warden at Reading University I had frequently to deal with people who had gained access … Continue reading

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How can I use social media to raise my professional profile?

Are you sceptical of what social media can help you achieve as part of your professional development? Unless you’re a celebrity, you may feel that anything you say on a social network bears little relevance to the world at large. … Continue reading

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Social or personal – where to draw the line?

We are accustomed to being so ‘connected’ these days that it is refreshing to take the bus to the station in the morning and to realise that there are people who don’t give two hoots for ‘social media’. I make … Continue reading

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Digital literacy in the Wilderness

Over the past two weeks I’ve been working with my colleague, Jonathan Mitchley, to guide an MSc group of 24 students thorugh the writing of their first blog on the Whiteknights biodiversity site.  The rather ambitious setting of an assessed … Continue reading

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The first blog from the new crop of MSc Plant Diversity students appeared today in Whiteknights biodiversity.  It’s a short blog on a gall seen on a creeping thistle.  What is interesting to me is that I haven’t yet trained … Continue reading

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