Student Engagement

The Digitally Ready project has worked with a number of students in a variety of ways: students as partners in digital projects with academics, students as researchers, students feeding in their stories to inform work on the project and students undertaking work directly for the project.

This has linked in with the University’s agenda for student engagement, and at the moment the university is funding a new scheme called Partnerships in Learning and Teaching (PLANT), which supports student-led initiatives. There are currently two pilots that have been showcased at the T&L showcase event in May 2013:

1.  ‘Student-led Working Groups’. Dr Eileen Hyder, Institute of Education with Hannah Crawford, Lauren Yearsley and Megan Penn (BA Education)

2.  ‘Student-led Post-Part 1 Module Design’. Professor Jane Setter,  English Language and Applied Linguistics and Hannah Field (BA English Language).

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