A solitary match takes place tonight in League Two, a rearranged fixture due to international commitments, between Yeovil Town and MK Dons.
Back when the game was due to be played, we forecast that MK Dons would emerge 1-0 winners. In the time since, Yeovil have thumped then joint-leaders Newport 6-0 on the road, while the MK Dons have stuttered. As such, Newport’s probability of winning has increased from 28% to 33%, and the MK Dons’ probability of winning has fallen from 45% to 40%, leaving the match in draw territory.
Our revised prediction for tonight is thus a 1-1 draw, based on the information in the time since the original game was scheduled to take place.

Most likely Win (%)
Vintage Score Pr (%) P(H) P(A)
old Yeovil MK Dons 0-1 12% 28% 45%
new Yeovil MK Dons 1-1 13% 33% 40%