Champions League Quarter Finals. A night when some dreams can live on, and others will be shattered. Man City’s quadruple? Ajax’s fairy tail? Ronaldo and Juventus?
The Model has produced a fairly conventional set of forecasts, with the exception of one match. Manchester United are set to re-establish Fortress Old Trafford after the aberration against PSG in the last 16, as the Model expects them to turn over the sole remaining Spanish representatives, the half decent Barcelona (1-0, 13%). Will it be enough?
As always, we face off against Jean-Louis Foulley, and his forecasts are produced below, also. Foulley fully agrees with the Model on Liverpool (2-0 win), disagrees on the Tottenham-Man City result, agrees on the result and margin for Ajax and Juventus, but Foulley has a perhaps more conventional prediction for Barcelona – a 1-0 win at Old Trafford (9%).

Forecast Win (%)
Score PR(%) P(H) P(A)
Tue Liverpool Porto 2-0 10% 69% 12%
Tue Tottenham Man City 1-2 8% 28% 46%
Wed Ajax Juventus 0-1 14% 30% 43%
Wed Man Utd Barcelona 1-0 13% 42% 31%
Foulley F-Score P(R) P(H) P(A)
Liverpool Porto 2-0 11% 69% 13%
Tottenham Man City 1-1 12% 34% 41%
Ajax Juventus 1-2 11% 27% 49%
Man Utd Barcelona 0-1 9% 31% 45%