The richest game in football kicks off at 3pm today. Humble Derby County and heavyweights Aston Villa are facing off in the winner-takes-£170million contest at Wembley. The Model, RED, may be gearing down for the Summer but it wanted to have its say on this one. Following their end of season run of wins, Aston Villa are clear favourites, as reflected in the bookmakers’ odds too. RED says Villa have a 51% chance of a win in regular time, with Derby just 24%. The most likely outcome in the 90 mins is 1-0 to Villa (11%).

Forecast Win (%)
Score Pr (%) P(H) P(A)
Aston Villa Derby 1-0 11 51 24
  • The Forecast scoreline, with the % chance of that happening
  • The % chance of a win by the Home team, P(H), or Away team, P(A) (with one hundred minus those two numbers giving the % chance of a draw