Just as Britain, led by Boris Johnson, beats an ill-tempered retreat from Europe, RED is going the opposite way.

Matches from the very beginning of the Spanish, French, Italian and German leagues have been added to the database for the top two divisions, enabling a much better calculation of Elo strengths than was the case last season (see for example RED’s Champions League forecasts).

It seemed as a result a little rude not to make forecasts for these leagues given the effort to collect and merge in the data. This week, German, French and Spanish leagues begin, and we’ve created forecasts in the same way we create them for English leagues – they are in the tables below. The 3-letter acronyms may be a little unhelpful in places; let us know any glaring errors.

For the Bundesliga the table is a little patchy, especially on bookmakers.

First, La Liga:

Then the Bundesliga:

Then Ligue 1:

Spain’s La Liga2:

France’s Ligue 2 (lacking bookmaker odds):

Germany’s Bundesliga 2: