We’ve realised that, unlike Sajid Javid, adhering to common standards can be helpful. We produce, for example, forecasts alongside Jean-Louis Foulley, and we found ourselves disagreeing on the codes, or acronyms, we use for each team. Jean-Louis found that Reuters has a set of codes for teams all around the world, and so we’ve adopted these.

Here are the Premier League ones:

BOU AFC Bournemouth
ARS Arsenal
AVA Aston Villa
BRH Brighton & Hove Albion
BUR Burnley
CHE Chelsea
CRY Crystal Palace
EVE Everton
LEI Leicester City
LIV Liverpool
MCI Manchester City
MUN Manchester United
NEW Newcastle United
NOR Norwich City
SHU Sheffield United
SOU Southampton
TOT Tottenham Hotspur
WAT Watford
WHU West Ham United
WLV Wolverhampton Wanderers

More broadly, you can find out correspondence file here (which includes Soccerbase team names): https://www.dropbox.com/s/c05v92vktntuyyb/acronyms-file.csv?dl=0.