Derby travel to Bristol City tomorrow night. The table below provides various statistics about the match up, as well as the outputs of the Scorecasting Model.

Inspired by Wayne, Derby’s form has ticked up, and the Rams have a decent chance of beating Bristol (34%), though the home side remain slight favourites (40%). The bookies, through their odds, are a little bit more pessimistic about Derby’s chances, however.

On ELO rating, due to recent form, Derby are ranked the stronger team than Bristol right now, despite being 6 places and 7 points behind in the league, though Bristol still have the not insignificant home advantage.

Based on 1000 simulations of the Model from now to the end of the season, Derby are now being given a delightful 10% chance of making the Playoffs, when just a few weeks ago this chance was next to zero. Light the beacons! Hope is kindled!

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