Teams return from the international break this weekend with the Merseyside derby kicking things off shortly.

Bookmakers generally seem to agree with us that it will be a likely Liverpool away win, despite them losing 7-2 to Aston Villa and Everton being in excellent form.

Home wins are predicted for Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham and Sheffield Utd in our mode. And are also most likely according to bookmakers (although this last one the bookmakers have only a 45% chance of a win for Sheffield (see Mean Odds, Home).

A score of 2.5 on expected goals for Tottenham against West Ham suggests a decent chance of a high-scoring match (West Ham also have been playing better than expected but their chances of a win range from less than 15% (our model, see Outcome Probs, Away) to under 20% (bookmakers average odds (Mean Odds, away).