The weekend’s Championship matches kick off with Coventry vs league leaders Reading.

A draw is the most likely result predicted from our model (see Score Picks, Most). Both teams are expected to score at least 1 goal (1.17 for Coventry) and (1.43 for Reading). Although if there is a win, we favour Reading (See Score Picks, Cond).

(Bookmakers favour Reading at 41% with Coventry only 29.1% – See Mean Odds)

Elsewhere bookmakers seem to favour Watford over Barnsley

(BRS 28.2% for a home win in Mean Odds, vs Watford at 41.5%; our model suggests a draw but also slightly favours Barnsley (See Outcome Probs at 39.2% – 33.4% for Watford)

Yet again the closeness of the Championship is highlighted with 7 draws predicted (Score Picks, Most).

In terms of bookmaker odds vs our prediction model, a match worth highlighting is the Wycombe v Sheffield Wednesday game tomorrow afternoon:

We have predicted a draw as the most likely, whereas the bookmakers clearly favour Sheffield Wednesday (Mean odds of an away win 49.2%). If there is a win, then we actually predict a home win (see Score Picks, Cond).