Premier League 28 December 2020 – 30 December 2020

Hardly any fans can attend matches across the UK with large areas now in lockdown but the matches don’t stop and we have more of it from 3pm today.

Crystal Palace v Leicester is the first match, with our model favouring Leicester (49.5% for a win) but predicting a draw as the most likely outcome.

Bookmaker mean odds are very close to our scorecasts for this match (48.4% for a Leicester win)

Nothing to chose between West Brom v Leeds with 36.7% for a home win – 36.4% away win in our model, although bookmakers heavily favour Leeds at 47%.

Our model heavily favours Man Utd against Wolves (63.5% for a Man Utd win) with bookmakers agreeing at 60.5% for a Man Utd win.

Wolves have struggled to score so far this season with only 15 goals to Man Utd’s 30 but Utd have the leakiest defence in the top ten with 23 goals conceded so this game could turn out a bit different to predictions.

Elsewhere our model matches quite closely to bookmaker mean odds.

Amazingly Everton are second in the league at the moment but both our model and bookmakers predict a Man City win in tonight’s game (15% chance of a 1-0 City win and 12.5% for a 2-0 City win – see Away Wins in the table below).