Championship 16 Jan 2021

At the moment, three of the games listed in our table below are currently ‘off’ due to Covid.

Coventry v Sheffield Wednesday; QPR v Wycombe; Reading v Brentford

In terms of the Championship matches that are on today, our model matches up to bookmakers on outcomes and favoured teams, the only differences are in the extent to which teams are favoured.

Middlesbrough v Bristol City

We have Middlesbrough on at least 2 for expected goals, at 68.5% for a win, and a 2-0 win as the most likely outcome (a 2-0 scoreline is at 11.5%). Bookmakers only have Middlesbrough on 52.2% but still only have Bristol City at 20.2%.

Derby County v Rotherham

Derby now have Wayne Rooney as permanent manager (or as permanent as a football manager can be!) and are also clear favourites against Rotherham (54.4% our model; 48.5% bookmakers).

Rooney is apparently ready to ‘roll up his sleeves’, although I would hope it needs a bit more than that to succeed

We have a 1-0 home win as the most likely score. Derby also at 1.66 on expected goals and of course only 1 place ahead of Rotherham.