Premier League 19/1/2021

Due to various re-arranged fixtures sometimes our model doesn’t always pick up the rescheduled fixtures so we can’t show Fulham v Man Utd today.

Leeds v Southampton is off but there are 4 other games that are covered in the model.

3 of them look a bit one-sided.

West Ham v West Brom starts in about 10 minutes from me typing this. Bookmakers agree with us more or less on the odds  58.7% to 60.7% for a West Ham win – with the most likely result will being a 1-0.

Leicester v Chelsea looks like a very close match, with our model predicting a 1-1.  Bookmakers slightly favour Chelsea at just over 40% for a win (40.8% in Mean Odds) but our model favours Leicester who in 3rd place are one of this seasons over-perfomers.

Liverpool v Burnley has Burnley on 5.6% to win. With bookmakers only disagreeing by 0.2%!

Man City v Aston Villa we favour Villa even less than Burnley (4.4%) in the other match and whilst Villa have performed well for a promoted team – Man City have now won 5 in a row.