Championship 24 September 2021


There are two Friday night fixtures in the Championship this weekend.

Coventry v Peterborough and West Brom v QPR.

Coventry have started the season pretty well and are in 4th place at present, Peterborough on the other hand are 22nd, and although they did win their last game had lost at least four in a row before that. We have Coventry drawing 1-1 although favouring Coventry at 50% (See table above).

The other game, has West Brom in 3rd and QPR in 8th. This also is a 1-1 as the most likely score but favouring West Brom at 45%. Bookmakers are surer at over 55%.

Some of the other games look fairly unbalanced Bournemouth v Luton and Stoke v Hull City, at least on current positions in the league table. These are two of the games, where we have a home 1-0 win. That said Reading have started to win (2 in a row) and play Middlesbrough at home, who are just 2 places behind them in the league. We favour Reading but bookmakers mean odds point to Middlesbrough so this could be close.