Championship Mid-October 2021

Club football returns this weekend in England for the top two divisions, after the International Break.

Our scorecasting model has thrown out a few interesting results this week.

Huddersfield v Hull

Our model has a 1-1 draw as 13% likely as the exact score here, the highest probability for an exact score this week. Both teams are as you’d expect, on almost 36% to win (see table below).

Bookmakers disagree however, favouring Huddersfield as home winners at 47.7%. Huddersfield are actually 7th in the league, compared to Hull in 21st, although at this stage of the season there is only 8 points between the two of them so there isn’t that much in it.

Blackburn v Coventry

The other match where our predictions are different to bookmakers is Blackburn v Coventry, where we have Blackburn at 46.6% to win but bookmakers marginally favour Coventry. Our model gives a 1-1 draw as most likely.

Elsewhere, we have Preston winning 1-0 and West Brom also with the highest odds for winners at 63%.