English Championship 17 12 21

Barnsley v West Brom

I’m focusing on this game because it looks like it is currently going to happen. Whether the rest of the weekend’s games take place will depend, I guess, on how many players test positive tomorrow and Monday.

There are currently 5 games postponed in the Championship tomorrow.

Anyway, in tonight’s game, it looks like a West Brom win is certainly more likely than a Barnsley one. In our model, West Brom are at 44.7% as likely winners, this is over 12% lower than Bookmakers Mean Odds (see table below) which think a West Brom win is more likely.

Fulham v Sheff Utd

This game is currently ‘on’, although it looks like the Premier League at least is going to review on Monday whether it’s fixtures should take place, so one wonder if the EFL will do the same very soon. If it does happen, the two ex-Premier League teams will probably expect a Fulham win as there is just 0.5% between our most likely winners, Fulham (54%) and bookmakers mean odds which have Fulham at 53.5%