English Championship New Year’s Day 2022

Blackpool v Hull City

There is actually only one Championship game taking place today, with the majority scheduled to take place tomorrow and Monday. Today’s game is Blackpool and Hull City with Blackpool in fairly poor form and Hull below them in 19th. We have a 1-1 draw as the most likely score, favouring Blackpool at 47%. Bookmakers Mean Odds have little between the two teams, only favouring Blackpool at 37.3% (see table below, on the right).

Reading v Derby

On Monday, Reading play Derby and our model favours Reading at 45.5%, with Bookmakers Mean Odds coming fairly close to agreement at 42.2%.

Despite Derby being bottom of the league due to points deductions (Reading also have some points deducted), they are actually in good form, having won their last three games. Our model also factors in home advantage, so that may help Reading. The most likely score is a 1-1 draw, with that exact score being 12.6% likely, and a 1-0 home win being 12%.