Printed Image and Decorative Print, 1500-1750 , Friday 22 March, 2013


The EMRC is hosting a one-day colloquium this Friday on the ‘Printed Image and Decorative Print, 1500-1750’. Eric Kindel will speaking in the morning session on ‘Recording knowledge: Christiaan Huygens and the invention of stencil duplicating’, and James Mosley on ‘A Buried Text and an Unknown Iconography of the Making of Books: the Description des Arts et Métiers of the Académie Royale des Sciences, Paris’. In the afternoon, Clare Backhouse will give a presentation on ‘Ballad Pictures in Seventeenth-Century England: Conventions of Representation’ and Angela McShane on ‘Rethinking the Unstable Image: Kings, Queens and Cobblers on Seventeenth-Century English Ballads’. At lunchtime there will be an exhibition of early modern printed material from Reading Special Collections and Typography.


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