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The launch session of the staff-postgraduate CONTEMPORARY POETRY DISCSUSSION GROUP is this week. All interested are welcome on:


THURSDAY 17th MAY at 5pm     

in   HUMSS 110

Whiteknights Campus


We’ll be discussing selections from the poetry of ALICE OSWALD, especially representations of landscape, private & public places, and oral history & voice.


The poetry comes from Oswald’s award-winning volume Dart (2003), and her most recent collection Memorial (2011).  


PHOTOCOPIES are now available from outside the English Department –

 at the mailboxes on the first floor of HUMSS, near Room 112. 

While you read, do muse about the following, which we may chat about on Thurs:


 1. Oswald’s experimentation, innovation & play with form. The feel, look and touch of the page…. And the sound of the poetry. How strange and disorienting  – or inviting – is this?


  2.  The use of tradition and inheritance (ancient & modern voices, historical & everyday events are within earshot). How does history seem to inform even the most contemporary language?


 3. Place and landscape, flux and slipperiness, motion and water… and some eco-critical and psychogeographical impulses… Where are we? How ‘grounded’?


4. The experience of not getting it – in art and ordinary experience – and trying to talk better about our confusion: Look out for stammerings, stutterings, silences and fumblings.

For more on Alice Oswald, see:


Please let us know if you are planning to attend: contact Natalie Pollard at


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