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Continuing last session’s focus on poetry in translation, this week we will discuss an Irish poet Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill (‘Noola Ni Gonal’). We will discuss poems from her collection The Fifty Minute Mermaid (2007), which was translated by Paul Muldoon.


The group will meet on Thursday 28th June in Humss 112 on Whiteknights Campus at 6pm.



The following links might be helpful:


Ní Dhomhnaill reading from a number of her poetry collections. Please note, she talks about The Fifty Minute Mermaid after 40 minutes of the reading, but you will be able to hear what two of this week’s poems sound like in the original Irish:


An essay in which Ní Dhomhnaill writes about her decision to write poetry in Irish and the state of the language when the essay was first published in 1995:





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