Nicola Wilson curates a new exhibition in the main library


Authors, Publishers and Readers, 1880-1940


How did the novel as a form change between 1880 and 1940?

What was the impact of the growth of the reading public and the circulating library market on authors and the publishing industry?

How did the Book Society, Britain’s first mail-order book club, influence publishers like Virginia and Leonard Woolfs’ Hogarth Press in the 1930s?


This is the second chance to see this exhibition of archival materials from Special Collections’ unique and internationally renowned archive of British Publishers and Printers, which was at the Museum of English Rural Life earlier this year. Let us know what you think on the blog!


Research funded by the AHRC, ‘The Impact of Distribution and Reading Patterns on the History of the Novel, 1880-1940’ see the project website:

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