Creative Writing Fellow Adrian Blamires offers workshops



Weekly Workshops Open to All Students in the English Department

WEDNESDAYS 13:00-15:00 HUMSS 110

Those attending the workshops will try out a variety of writing exercises, designed
to stimulate the creative imagination, and will discuss poetry and/or prose fiction
produced by fellow members of the group.

Adrian Blamires’s first collection, The Effect of Coastal Processes, was a Waterstone’s
Best New Poetry selection and the title poem was read on Radio 4’s Poetry Please.
His latest collection is The Pang Valley. He studied English at Reading University (1983-6)
and recently returned to begin a PhD in Early Modern Literature. He has worked in an
editorial capacity with several published writers of both poetry and prose.

‘Blamires is specifically electric in the act of observation … he shapes an entire
poem as a “singing mesh” yet also creates a massive yet delicate architecture
out of the book itself — the book as a poetic form infact.’ — David Morley

About Cindy

Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at the University of Reading. Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
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