Women’s Studies Group (1558 – 1837) announces new programme of events

Carolyn Lyle, who publishes also as Carolyn Williams, writes:

In my capacity as Committee Member for the London-based Women’s Studies Group 1558-1837, I prepared the 2012-2013 programme for speakers’ sessions: these are international events with speakers ranging from doctoral students to senior academic professionals. As follows:

Women’s Studies Group, 1558-1837 (London-based), speaker sessions for 2012-2013.

All 3 meetings will take place in SENATE HOUSE, London University, near Malet Street. In each case the rooms have been booked for 1-6 pm, to give us time to make preparations and clear away afterwards, but we expect sessions to run from 2-5.

Saturday September 29, 2012: Senate House 261 . Chair: Carolyn D. Williams.

Sandrine Parageau: How women became scientists in seventeenth-century England:

the result of a misunderstanding?

Aimee Richards: Elizabeth Carter: A Symbolic Evocation of Nature

Deborah Brown: The use of geographical space to facilitate independence in the prose of Charlotte Smith (1780/90s).

Isabelle Cosgrave: Amelia Opie: A Smooth Conversion to Quakerism?

Saturday November 24, 2012: Bedford Room (37) in Senate House. Chair: Tanis Hinchcliffe.

Marion Durnin: ‘Inborn coquettes’: Mrs S. C. Hall and the paintings of Daniel Maclise.

Scott Krawczyk: Barbauld’s Intelligent Selections: The Anthologized Afterlife of The Spectator.

Mihoko Suzuki: Jacobitism and the Fronde in the Poetry and Fiction of Jane Barker.

Derya Gurses: Exercises in Women’s Intellectual Sociability in the Eighteenth Century: The Fair Intellectual Club.

Saturday January 26, 2013: Senate House 261 (S261). Chair: Lois Chaber.

Francesca Saggini: Castrati Singers: ‘On the poetics of almost and counter.’

Alison Winch: ‘Drinking a dish of tea with Sapho’: The Sexual Fantasies of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Lord Byron.

Joanna Wharton: Materialism and Female Sexual Agency in Mary Hays’ Memoirs of Emma Courtney.

Peter Radford: Women and Sport.




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