Taking action – and our thanks

Dr Madeleine Davies writes:

As a post-script to Ellie Cox’s summary of the Women’s Event held this week, can I add the sincere thanks of Grace, Karin and myself? In particular we would like to thank Ellie Cox and Carys Williams who should take full credit for organising these events so immaculately and for galvanising interest in the whole range of issues affecting women and men within the educational context and within society more widely. Grace, Karin and I wouldn’t have a forum through which to disseminate and discuss our ideas if it was not for the hard work and sheer engagement of Ellie and Carys. We had no idea that so many students and colleagues at the university shared our interest in these issues, and we would not have been able to join everyone together without the commitment and energy of these students.

As with the event held in March, Grace, Karin and I were hugely impressed with the level of the debate on Wednesday, also inspired, and again concerned by much of what we heard. In terms of ‘real’ outcomes, we are investigating whether something can be done about the ‘surveillance’ situation in the library that was raised at the meeting and that is clearly making many of you feel so uncomfortable. The Women’s Talk is not just a talking-shop but an arena in which lived concerns can be tackled via action. Ellie, Carys and Antonia will let you know of any action that is taken to stop the insidious new trend that was discussed at Wednesday’s event.

Our thanks again everyone – hope to see you all next term. Antonia Sales is Carys’s successor – it’s a hard act to follow, but I know that Antonia will join Ellie in continuing to organise such productive and inspiring events.

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