Thinking about the future

 Awayday 1

Last week members of our department took time away from their regular duties to spend a day together considering some aspects of our teaching and learning strategy for the next academic year. Under discussion were issues such as how to provide good coverage of literature which will excite our students at Part 2, and how to maintain our vibrant Part 3 modules and make best use of the extra hour’s contact time we will be offering our students from next year.

We are always concerned to provide modules and teaching methods which will appeal to our students and challenge them to achieve at their highest level. It was clear on the day that we are all eager to grasp the opportunity which changes at Part 2 and additional teaching hours at Part 3 offers us as educators. As usual, suggestions for how to maintain and, where possible, enhance our teaching were abundant and, also as usual, we thoroughly enjoyed coming together to share our ideas about the best way forward and to discuss our hopes for the future.

About Cindy

Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at the University of Reading. Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
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