Successful bid for a new Teaching and Learning project

We are delighted to announce that Cindy Becker is one in a team of three which has been successful in bidding for a Teaching and Learning Development Fund maxi project (£30K over two years). She will be working alongside Emma Mayhew (Politics and Economics) and David Nutt (Chemistry) in a project entitled GRASS (Generating Resources and Access to Screen capture Software).


The project’s central aim is to enable, enhance and support access to screen capture technology across the University. Drawing on a range of successful pilot projects run by the Departments of Politics, Economics, English Literature and Chemistry the GRASS project will support the use of screen capture technology in order to enable further adoption of innovative approaches including ‘the flipped classroom’ and study support screencasts but also video feedback and the use of screencasts for assessment.

Our department already runs a YouTube channel with a selection of screencasts on it.


If you would like to talk about how screencasts could be useful in your own teaching, or you are interested in working with Cindy on screencasts as teaching/assessment aids, please contact her on

About Cindy

Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at the University of Reading. Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
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